I Should Know Inspired Outfits

I am excited to share with you guys a new song that I honestly LOVE. I am incredibly proud of my friend Eric Leva for going after his dream and putting his music out there! While browsing through the latest September issues brainstorming blog ideas I was listening to his new single "I Should Know" (prior to its debut, since after all we are 'industry' friends) and it inspired me to dedicate this blog post to Fall fashion for men.

Eric and I naturally met up at Starbucks later in the week to discuss his personal style and what speaks to him. We came up with two looks that are extremely versatile whether you are an up and coming musician, a guy ready to pack up his Sperrys and embrace Fall, or a girlfriend trying to give your man a little push in the right direction style wise! 

Eric Leva on these two looks:
"These outfits were inspired by my new single "I Should Know" and centered around the Club Monaco shirts. There's a lot of light versus dark elements in the song so I was happy that one shirt was light and one was dark."

Get the look: 
Shirt//Club Monaco Pants//Levi's Commuter 511 Jacket//Levi's Shoes//Converse Watch//Fossil

Eric Leva on Look #1:
"To keep this look bright I opted for khaki commuter jeans. I like how the denim jacket and white converse hold on to some summer elements while we can still get away with them. I"m also a firm believer that you can never go wrong with a gold watch."

Get the look: 
Shirt//Club Monaco Jeans//(484 Fit J.Crew) Beads//Aldo Watch//Fossil Boots//Red Wing

Eric Leva on Look #2:
"The color of this shirt captures the essence of Autumn in New England for me. Its fabric is really lightweight so I wanted to come against that with the heavy Red Wing boots. It took me awhile to get used to the super slim fit of the 484's but now they are my favorite jeans. I would probably wear this anywhere."

Also catch Eric on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and www.ericlevamusic.com


Queen Bey

Being devoted to the Bey-Hive for over a decade, the moment has finally arrived. The most anticipated concert of the summer is here and it is mandatory to bring out your inner Sasha Fierce. Originally, when thinking of outfits I thought comfort. I pictured myself in a cool pair of sneakers with a sporty and minimalist tshirt dress. Then I realized if Beyonce is killing in in 5 inch heels, so can I. When planning your outfit ask yourself, WWBD? (What Would Beyonce Do)

Below are a few outfit suggestions that radiate fierceness:

Stay tuned to see the outfit choices of the girls and I at the concert! 



So excited for this collaboration I am doing with trend-tribe! Trend-Tribe is a jewelry company started by my friend Samantha. Be sure to check out her awesome pieces at http://trend-tribe.com/ She has great statement necklaces for just $25! Now through 6/14 when you order from Trend-Tribe you can receive FREE SHIPPING using the code sartorialsplendors

I love her collection, and hope you enjoy it too.
The nautical anchor bracelet is perfect for summer because it doubles as a hair tie!

Happy Shopping!



Last night MarissaNathalia, and I stopped by Tweed to check out the launch of their newest product. The Men's Soap Shop is a local company committed to producing all natural grooming products for men, and they are creatively sold in flasks! (Hint Hint for Father's Day)

TREND ALERT: Perforated Pieces

Perfection is all in the details, it is what makes clothing so special. Perforated fabrics are a must have this summer. A perforated fabric is either pierced, hole punched, or laser cut. Leather, mesh, or suede make sure you have a punctured piece in your wardrobe. This detail is unbelievably cool and visually intriguing. 

In typical girlfriend fashion we both found ourselves in leather punch-hole pieces, check it out.


My Jacket: BCBG Generation Shirt: Club Monaco Sunny Tee Shorts:Club Monaco Shoes: Shoedazzle
Marissa Jacket:TJ Maxx Shirt:Garage Necklace:J. Crew Skirt:Ark & Co. Shoes:Prabal Gurung for Target
Nathalia Skirt: Nathalia JMag Bag: Michael Kors Top: Urban Outfitters


The Ultimate Spring Essential

Women’s wear has been showing off the sporty side. Baseball tees, tennis skirts, hats and most of all, the bomber jacket. The bomber jacket is the perfect alternative to the classic trench coat. It is fun and easy to thrown on with dresses, t-shirts, and shorts once the weather is nicer. This jacket from free people will have an impact on any outfit. It is particularly cool because it's reversible too!

Jacket: (Free People) Sneakers: (Vans) Sunnies: (Nordstrom) Nails: Essie Penny Talk


Winter Games

The Winter Games are finally here!
Companies and designers compete to find ways to make functional fashions for the athletes to wear. I enjoy the olympics not only for the fashions, you get to see athletes compete in sports that are not televised regularly. Each athlete has a human interest story and you suddenly feel connected and are rooting for them. I'll be tuning in to NBC these next two weeks starting with the incredible opening ceremony in Sochi Russia.